Pergola North Turton

Pergola North Turton.
Year-Round Performance
With the option of integrated glass doors, glass walls, LED lights, privacy blinds and radiant heaters, these pergolas can be comfortably used throughout the evening and into the cooler months of the year. When summer comes around, the unique bioclimatic roof can be opened up to provide ventilation whilst still shading your outdoor living space, ensuring the temperature stays enjoyable. We’ll be happy to assist you in designing an outdoor living space that truly performs, no matter the season.

Pergola North Turton.
Vertical Blinds
Robust, motorised external blinds from the leading German manufacturer which create privacy and shield your garden room from the wind, without blocking out all light. Blinds are tensioned to withstand high wind pressures and the wide range of available fabrics are designed with durability in mind. Can be integrated into any of our verandas or pergolas with their slim casing powder-coated to match. Operated by remote control, and can also be integrated with home-automation systems and smartphones with the optional smart module.

Pergola North Turton.
LED Strip Lights
A continuous strip of highly efficient, dimmable LED light with integrated diffuser for a sharp, modern look. Can be applied to all four sides of your pergola. Available in classic warm white or custom-configurable RGB and can be operated by remote-control, or by smartphone app with the optional Bluetooth module.

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