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Automated aluminum pergola for your home and business

Automated pergola is a contemporary patio covering solution made of a robust aluminum structure and equipped with a retractable roof that is designed to resist even the most unfavorable weather conditions.
Aluminum pergola creates a pleasant terrace retreat where one can enjoy fresh air and yet be shielded from the elements such as wind, direct sunlight or rain in the backyard of your home or business space. Hotel, restaurant and cafe owners will find automated pergolas especially beneficial as they extend the outdoor terrace season and increase the flow of customers.
Each pergola is made to order following individual specifications. Our motorized pergolas can be used to cover small patio areas of 5m² to large commercial spaces of up to 260m². You can choose from a number of different constructions and shapes, roof and side coverings, lighting and heating systems and automation options.
There are two main types of pergolas: those with a retractable cover with guiderails (typically canvas) or louvered roof (made up of lamellae).

Automated pergola with PVC canvas roof 

Pergola with a PVC canvas sliding cover is ideal for those looking to maximize their outdoor terrace use in any weather. This automated pergola combines engineering excellence with a visually pleasing design and was the first one to appear on the new generation pergola market.

The retractable roof of the pergola can be fully opened, closed or left slightly open to create the desired amount of shade. You may also consider installing a pergola glass wall system, which will allow you to enjoy your terrace comfortably throughout the spring and autumn months.

Premium pergola is made with a larger construction and is designed to be used in commercial spaces like hotels, cafes and restaurants.
Compact pergola features a smaller sized construction. The smaller dimensions make this model ideal for use in private homes;pergola-23

Pergolas are made to custom specifications. You can choose from a number of different constructions, roof structures, roof cover types, side coverings, lighting, roof and automation systems.The most suitable pergola type for you will depend on the architecture and layout of your home and its premises as well as your own individual preferences.

A wide selection of colors, individual components and design options makes aluminum pergolas adaptable to both modern and classic design spaces. In addition, connecting individual pergola modules will create pergolas of a variety of sizes.Retractable PVC pergolas are waterproof and therefore ideal for the climate of the Baltic region. Rain water is drained from the waterproof canvas to the front beam where it is carried down through support posts.

Pergola can be self-supporting or mounted to the wall

Shapes of pergola roof constructions

Rainwater drainage system

Retractable PVC roof pergolas are perfect for the Baltic climate as they offer a great protection from the rain, which is so characteristic of our summers.

Rainwater flows down the impermeable PVC canvas into the beam at the front of the pergola, where it is carefully assembled and carried down the gutters integrated in the support posts.

Protection from wind

Pergola side walls

You can choose and combine the following options:

• modern vertically sliding glass wall system;

• sliding glass system

• stationary glass wall;

• Highly see-through roller blinds

• insect screens

• external roller blinds.

Pergola automation

Pergola roof is equipped with an electric motor that you can control with a wall switch, remote control or just your smartphone or tablet.

For the highest level of comfort we can also offer smart pergola control, which includes installing solar, wind and rain sensors. This allows the roof to close automatically or open depending on weather conditions. For example, the roof will automatically close when it is rainy or windy, and open after the wind and rain has stopped.

We use motors and automation systems from the leading manufacturer SOMFY that also include pergola lighting, heating and roller blinds control.

Infrared patio heaters

If you wish to use your pergola all year round we suggest installing infrared heaters. Terrace heaters are suitable for both private and commercial spaces such as cafes, hotels and restaurants as they offer the benefit of extending the season of the outdoor cafe and increase the flow of customers.

Pergola roof PVC canvas

What are the advantages of a pergola?

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