london awning sale

london awning sale.
Water runs through the louvers to channels in the cross beams, and dissipates through the pergola’s feet.
Pole twist mechanism effortlessly opens and closes roof louvers to keep out rain and let in sunshine as the weather changes.
All units come with a full fitting guide, or our installation team will deliver and fit the unit in a single awning sale.

london awning sale.
Free Pergola Plans
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Copyright image: a beautiful, pink climbing rose growing up pergola trellis.
So…you want to build a pergola and you want to build it now!

london awning sale.
It should be relatively easy to build, shouldn’t it?
If you are anything like me, you have an idea and are itching to get on with it the moment the idea pops into your head. You have the interest and enthusiasm, and your motivation is on fire! Great!!

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