london awning company

london awning company.
Water runs through the louvers to channels in the cross beams, and dissipates through the pergola’s feet.
Pole twist mechanism effortlessly opens and closes roof louvers to keep out rain and let in sunshine as the weather changes.
All units come with a full fitting guide, or our installation team will deliver and fit the unit in a single awning company.

london awning company.
Remote Control
Optional remote control for your veranda which operates and dims the LED spot lighting. Included remote control for your pergola which opens/closes/adjust the roof blades, and can also operate and control the optional LED strip lighting if installed.

london awning company.
CA stunning corner pergola design made from the step-by-step pergola plans.
An unusual Asian corner pergola, with beautiful curved rafters, made from the step-by-step pergola plans.
A pergola arch that can be made into a seated arbour.
A fantastic attached lean-to pergola made using the step-by-step attached pergola plans.
An unusual hexagonal pergola, with beautiful radiating rafters, made from the step-by-step pergola plans.
Stunning pitched-roof hexagonal pergola.
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