Two-Sided Awning Systems

Thanks to its ability to open in two directions this system can provide shade to a large area, and is suitable for larger gardens. It is preferred by restaurants, cafes and bars. Two-sided awnings are mounted on 2 section supports. Moveable or fixed models are available as preferred.

Technical Specifications

  • Supported by a steel construction which can be fixed to the ground or moveable on wheels.
  • Uses injection moulded aluminium parts.
  • Formed of aluminium sections.
  • Painted with electrostatic powder paint. (RAL catalogue colours; RAL 9016 White as standard).
  • Can be applied with 300 – 700cm double sided opening.
  • Can be made as a single piece for widths between 200 and 700cm.
  • Able to be calibrated with a slope of up to 45 degrees.
  • Available with wind and sun sensor options.
  • Able to be supported with either a manual or a remote-control SOMFY / BECKER motor.
  • Uses imported RECACRIL acrylic fabric with 100 different colour and design options.

Awning Systems

Awning systems, which are prepared and produced for private spaces as well as businesses such as restaurants, cafes and hotels, are an ideal shading system preferred for comfortable living.

Can you control your awning with the help of a remote control or button with Cassette Awning designs. By adding a sensor in sunny or windy weathers, it allows your awnings to shade and protect your system even if you are not. When your awning is in closed position, all mechanical parts and fabric will not be affected by adverse weather conditions outside, so it will extend the life of your awning considerably. Optionally, it can be applied with or without fringes, manually or remotely.

Awnings, which can be produced in desired sizes and colors, can maintain their liveliness for many years against sunlight (UV) with its special fabric design.

Open Folding Arm Awnings
It is a perfect choice for your living spaces with this product that makes a strong impression with its design that makes a unique and elegant contribution to any outdoor space.

Semi Cassette Folding Arm Awnings
Semi-Cassette Awnings, which offer the most common design and option for many homes and businesses, are designed and manufactured to be 6m-8m wide.

Full Cassette Folding Arm Awnings
Serving both as an architectural feature and as a suitable shading solution, full cassette awnings provide the best absolute protection for mechanisms when fully retracted. A full cassette folding arm awning is the ideal and best way to protect the awning to ensure a long lasting awning.

Single Sided Awning
They are awnings that are mounted on two profiles and opened to one side.

Double Sided Awning
It is a type of awning that can be opened to both sides.

LED (Spot) Awning
Place LEDs on the awning system and provide lighting to the place.

Manual Awning
They are awnings that can be opened manually.

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