the london awning company

the london awning company.
Wherever we would like to position these wonderful features in our gardens, we sometimes need to lay a patio, too, as well as doing the woodwork. Many people ask how to do this properly, themselves.
See how the professionals do it in this video tutorial, which includes digging out, drainage, covering unsightly drain covers, correct laying techniques, and pointing, ensuring that your patio stays put, and has no wobbly bits!
Copyright image: laying a patio video tutorial.
The video comes with free supplementary notes showing how to calculate quantities, and other useful hints and tips to make sure your patio lasts for many years.

the london awning company. We have a superb range of high quality garden pergolas available, in a variety of styles and designs. the london awning company. Many of our wooden pergola kits even boast 2 year anti-rot guarantees, as they’ve been pressure treated. Some designs even incorporate decking areas – perfect for outdoor entertaining. Easy assembly and delivered free and fast to most UK postcodes – shop our garden pergolas today.

the london awning company.
Heated Glass
Glass produced with a completely clear thermal film which transforms the entire pane into a transparent electric heater. Heats your garden room in an efficient way and ensures glass walls, and roofs are kept clear and condensation free. A beautifully minimal and extremely practical heating solution. Can be integrated into most of our glazed products and is available in a range of wattages which we can assist you in specifying based on a range of factors such as floor area and intended use.

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