Pergola Winsford

Pergola Winsford.
Adapting the Free Pergola Plans
The example design is just that, an example, with easy to change elements to suit your own unique style preferences and situation. Simple or elaborate, large or small, build it as you wish!
The free pergola plans will still work for any shape or size, even if the look is significantly different – using thicker wood, making rafter tails longer, changing the shape of the structure and the decorative rafter tail ends, having rafters running in only one direction and closer together, using a raised rafter style, or having rafters sitting fully on top of the supports. There are so many things you can do.
See Adapting The Plans for more ideas and details.
Here is one that has been adapted from the free pergola plans, with raised rafters, and purlins for extra shade…

Pergola Winsford.
Rain Sensor
Closes the roof of your pergola when it detects rain to ensure your furniture and anything else underneath stays dry.

Pergola Winsford.
Our bioclimatic pergola will redefine the way you think about outdoor living, creating a stunning new space that you can enjoy all year round. With a modern, high performance remote controlled motorised blade system integrated into the roof, you can easily adjust this design for solar shading, ventilation, illumination and rainfall to suit any weather.

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