Pergola Waltham Forest

Pergola Waltham Forest.
Wherever we would like to position these wonderful features in our gardens, we sometimes need to lay a patio, too, as well as doing the woodwork. Many people ask how to do this properly, themselves.
See how the professionals do it in this video tutorial, which includes digging out, drainage, covering unsightly drain covers, correct laying techniques, and pointing, ensuring that your patio stays put, and has no wobbly bits!
Copyright image: laying a patio video tutorial.
The video comes with free supplementary notes showing how to calculate quantities, and other useful hints and tips to make sure your patio lasts for many years.

Pergola Waltham Forest.
Copyright image: a pergola built from the step-by-step free pergola plans, with raised rafters and purlins.
Ray adapted the corner pergola plans to fit around his pointed decking area.
Many people make the changes in this way and create amazing structures. The instructions for making a triangular pergola are freely available.

Pergola Waltham Forest.
It should be relatively easy to build, shouldn’t it?
If you are anything like me, you have an idea and are itching to get on with it the moment the idea pops into your head. You have the interest and enthusiasm, and your motivation is on fire! Great!!

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