Pergola Southward Bottom

Pergola Southward Bottom.
Copyright image: a pergola built from the step-by-step free pergola plans, with raised rafters and purlins.
Ray adapted the corner pergola plans to fit around his pointed decking area.
Many people make the changes in this way and create amazing structures. The instructions for making a triangular pergola are freely available.

Pergola Southward Bottom.
Rain Sensor
Closes the roof of your pergola when it detects rain to ensure your furniture and anything else underneath stays dry.

Pergola Southward Bottom.
Copyright image: Pergola design made from the free pergola plans, the rafters draped in beautiful climbing plants.
Imagine how proud you’ll feel when you show everyone your creation… and imagine your sense of achievement when you see your arbour clothed in wonderful, fragrant climbing plants!

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