Pergola Congleton

Pergola Congleton. We all love being at home and enjoying our own outside space. Pergola Congleton. So often the weather is either too hot or raining and spoils the experience. The answer is to have an awning, veranda or outdoor living pod which are based on the gazebo idea. We know that the gazebo was a simple structure basically consisting of 4 posts with a few timbers passing over the top, possibly providing support for some plants, that in turn supplied some shade when the leaves were out.
Our outdoor living pods, awnings and verandas provide so much more sophistication and practicality.

Pergola Congleton.
So what’s stopping you?
Yes, these spectacular garden structures can be easy to build, but it’s those niggly little uncertainties, isn’t it – what size of wood to use – how to fix it into the ground – where to find materials – whether to buy a ready-made manufactured pergola kit instead? The list gets longer and longer…
Don’t let these small details put you off. Once you know which size bolts to use and the length of wood you’ll need – or where to find the pergola kit you’re dreaming of – it’s fairly plain sailing. You could easily have one of these gorgeous features in your garden in no time at all.

Pergola Congleton.
The premium-grade aluminium construction of our pergola outclasses any timber or uPVC alternatives, offering a far superior lifespan and lower maintenance requirements. Aluminium is the architectural material of choice for exposed locations throughout the world, eliminating the risk of rusting that comes with steel, the UV degradation common to uPVC and the potential for warping, cracking and rotting when using timber outdoors. Rest assured that you are investing in a product designed to withstand and built to last.

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