london awning sale

london awning sale.
The premium-grade aluminium construction of our pergola outclasses any timber or uPVC alternatives, offering a far superior lifespan and lower maintenance requirements. Aluminium is the architectural material of choice for exposed locations throughout the world, eliminating the risk of rusting that comes with steel, the UV degradation common to uPVC and the potential for warping, cracking and rotting when using timber outdoors. Rest assured that you are investing in a product designed to withstand and built to last.

london awning sale.
Each contain detailed building instructions for that particular style – simple diagrams and pictures – making DIY construction a breeze… and they all come with 18 free rafter tail templates.
Take a look at the stunning corner design, with it’s wonderful radiating rafters.
The attached lean-to pergola can be used on a patio wall, as a porch, carport or, more usually, a fantastic extension to the house.
People love the hexagonal plans. There are alternative ones that include a pitched roof, too. So many interesting possibilities!
What about the asian style structure with its beautiful curved rafters?
Make all sorts of different pergolas, arches or a heavenly arbour, using the arbour pergola plans.
And last but not least – fancy an arbour with an integral seat built in? There’s the beautifully romantic seated arbour with either straight or curved rafters.

london awning sale.
Need really simple pergola plans, with very little cutting and notching? There are two styles to choose from. Both can be built very quickly – maybe even in an afternoon!

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