electric pergola london

electric pergola london.
Vertical Blinds
Robust, motorised external blinds from the leading German manufacturer which create privacy and shield your garden room from the wind, without blocking out all light. Blinds are tensioned to withstand high wind pressures and the wide range of available fabrics are designed with durability in mind. Can be integrated into any of our verandas or pergolas with their slim casing powder-coated to match. Operated by remote control, and can also be integrated with home-automation systems and smartphones with the optional smart module.

electric pergola london.
Modern Appeal
Capturing a slim and stylish look, our pergolas will be an outstanding addition to any contemporary home, with the flexibility to tailor the finished space to your personal taste. The bespoke design and vast range of finishes also make our pergola ideal for bringing a modern flair to a more traditional house, allowing you to choose colours, components and even lighting hues which pick out existing elements of your property, while still making a bold statement.

electric pergola london.
The Additional Pergola Plans Series
There are additional pergola plans that you can use, too, as well as the free pergola plans, all with free rafter tail templates. These plans were created as bespoke structures for people who asked for specific plans to create a pergola they really wanted in their garden.
Most can be made by adapting the principles used in the free pergola plans. Some of us, however, need a little more help with building these more unusual designs.
Each contain detailed building instructions for that particular style – simple diagrams and pictures – making DIY construction a breeze… and they all come with 18 free rafter tail templates.

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