Bioclimatic Pergolas Systems

Bioclimatic Pergolas Systems are an excellent holistic solution for modern residences, hotels, restaurants, and other outdoor spaces.

Beside the ability of adjusting the louvres for effective sun shading during the whole day, one of their main advantages is the possibility for full customization according to the needs and wants of each user.

Thanks to the available innovative equipment, living conditions in outdoor spaces are upgraded dramatically:

Rolling ZIP-screens

By incorporating the highly functional rolling ZIP-screens, whose movement are easily activated by a remote control (the same used to move the louvres), additional side shading is achieved through a completely concealed mechanism.

Hanging shutters of vertical shading

For enhanced side shading, you can choose the extra top-hung aluminium shutters which are offered with the option of bicolor finishes, providing a unique aesthetic result.

Glass sliding system

The integration of the available modern glass sliding system, will protect from annoying winds and allow users to relax in outdoor spaces, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

The ultra-thin aluminium profiles ensure “airy” minimal aesthetics, while offering maximum visibility to users. Moreover, enhanced watertightness can be provided by the optional sealing aluminium profiles.

LED lighting

Relaxing moments even during the night, thanks to the integration of LED strip lights, which can be installed either on the louvres or on the transoms. For “atmospheric” lighting, it is possible to install perimetrically concealed LED strip lights. In addition, it is possible to select the desired light intensity through a dimmer, because every occasion requires specific lighting! The LED lights are turned on through the same remote control that is used to adjust the louvres and the rolling ZIP-screens.

Apart from the incomparable benefits that people get by using our bioclimatic pergolas, equally important is the ease of installation on any space, as these systems were designed according to an easy assembly and installation logic.

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